Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Imaginations on the drift ...

"Mamma,we need to do a project on Saving the Earth by 
using natural things to decorate a vase"  
Well that was my son telling me about his
 next school's project which we unfold today.
How the  bare naturals - of the earth, by the earth, for the earth 
can be brought to the forefront to understand the beauty 
of God's each and every creation.   

 Yes, of course my mind started reeling on what can I create for the kiddo which is easy for him to  make too. My eyes fell on the ground and these dried leaves, twigs and drift woods caught my attention .....
 and then this is what we created  from a fibre glass, golden and burlap twines golden rimmed tapes,some sand and a candle..
 I just had to assemble these and put them all in his craft box and send him to school, as the rest needs to be completed there without any further parental help.
  Thankfully my boy could arrange the leaves and twigs around the glass, and simply tie a twine first around the glass to hold them, then the golden net ribbon was tied around the glass. I avoided the use of glue as it gets really very messy for them.
The candle of course was lighted once he brought it back home and I am really glad he did it just the way I wanted it to be..... the teacher said ' well now that is really smart and oh so very very different!"

  will be  waiting to hear it  from you guys!
    Hugs Auro

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Poppy said...

How perfectly wonderful art project for a little boy! I love how you used those driftwood...will look so pretty for a fall decor out on the patio or even as a centerpiece:) Beautiful job! hugs,Poppy

Ivy and Elephants said...

Oh, I bet he was so proud to show his creative side, too. It's a very cute project!

Jody and Stan said...

Very cute project! So creative! New Follower!


Tammy Henderson said...

Hi, Thank you so much for linking up to One More Time... I really do appreciate it...What a great project!

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet project.

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