Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Indya Kaleidoscope

Let me take you today to "Chokhi Dhani" an unique village resort which literally means a "fine hamlet". An ideal rustic Indian village experience with quaint mud huts and thatched roofs, tree houses(machaans)are built offering the right blend of traditions in an  ethnocultural setting.

As one enters the resort, one is struck by these beautiful vibrant Phad paintings done on the walls with so much of detailing even in the frames and outlines too! 

and while you admire this painting, do notice the stone flour grinder called the chakki kept below for display.The maize grains are pounded and grinded here to a fine powdery flour by the villagers for their daily consumption. 

 A festive celebration within a village atmosphere is created in the form of village fairs, simple forms of entertainment, folk dances, magic shows, tarrot card reading, puppet shows and to end it with sumptuous Rajasthani food.

 Experience the rustic flavour of the folklores and the Indian puppet shows.

The exposure that the local artistes have received has revived many of the arts and crafts that were almost on the verge of being forgotten in these modern times.
Don't miss the bull's eye,while admiring the beautiful wall art.The dash board for the arrow is in the centre! Try out your hand in the age old art of archery. 
     The colourful, embroidered shoes called the mojaris made out of camel hides, pick your colour before they vanish !                                      
                                          Ah must be wondering where is this?
           Its a traditional Indian village kitchen.Oh how I love these mud shelves with the built in niches and  the brass utensils displayed on them!
                                                   A traditional bullock cart on display.

The dancers here are performing folk dances,they are the Indian gypsies who get themselves tattooed in traditional designs and are dressed up in colourful costumes richly embroidered with small glasses and silver threads.The famous Rajasthani folk dances like the Ghoomer and Kalbelia are performed,where there is a balancing act done by dancing on two steel glasses with an array of pots balancing over their heads .... hmmmmph!

After one has seeped in the atmosphere, its time to settle down and indulge one's taste buds with the  mouthwatering Rajasthani food served on dried leaf plates or big foil thalis .
        The menu comprises delicacies like Dal bati churma,Gatte ki sabzi and many more that will leave one's taste buds tingling for a long time.Served in a dining hall,where low stools called pidhi are laid in a row and people need to sit down and eat their food.
The tree of life with lanterns hung on it,what a splendid installation it makes. 
    Hope you liked this kaleidoscopic journey of Incredible India,
captured through my lenses. Do write in what you liked the most,
would really to love to hear about it folks . 
 Hugs Auro

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Poppy said...

Oh how beautiful the images are! I love those lanterns hanging from the tree...looks so romantic! And my absolute favorite are those niches with brass ware....thanks for taking us for a tour of incredible India:) Have a great weekend! hugs, Poppy

Ivy and Elephants said...

I love it all! You have taken us on a fabulous trip, for a moment I was there in India, too! The kitchen is incredible, this I had never seen. The food of course has my taste buds tingling, and the beautiful gowns are just fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing a slice of India with us.

Patricia Torres said...

You've had an amazing trip.. Wow!! I've been to this place too... so its brought back awesome memories from a forgotten holiday.. Infact.. my entire family had gone to Jaipur.. and we had such a lovely time..

I love your pics.. coz when I went it was so late.. and dark.. that my pics didnt turn out nice at all... Im impressed..

Now.. Did you shop a lot?? ;)

Arani @ Add that Xtra in the Ordinary said...

Thanks all for your lovely comments, really appreciate it.

notyet100 said...

i am so nostalgic

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