Sunday, April 29, 2012

Friday Talkies.

Hello friends, I am really excited to share with you what I had planned for a Friday fun,with my family :
Movie time with wraps & fajitas.  
Must be wondering what this is?
Well, it is an old map series decoupaged paper mache storage box. I'm so happy that now all these gadgets are under one house.
How I used to hate seeing them strewn all over my living space.
Now lets get ready for movie time with ....
Charlie Chaplin
The idea of introducing  my son to the world of  Sir Charles Spencer Charlie Chaplin was long pendingChaplin's silent movies could be understood anywhere in the world because they are just "silent".While talkies strengthened the language barrier,Chaplin's movies remained silent so that the whole world could join in on "the laughter"
    Now for something to munch on:Wraps and fajitas from  Mommy's kitchen,will do ?

Hope, everyone is having a wonderful weekend.I surely had some good quality time spent with my family and is all energized  for the forthcoming week ahead.

Thanks to all of you lovely ladies for hosting the parties.
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Hugs, Arani

Friday, April 20, 2012

Sketches in B/W

Sketches in Black & White

 Today I bring to you some memories ... postcards from a city which is very very close to me: the source, the root, the milieu which has inculcated  the creative and cultural elements in me.
Yes , it is about my "City Of Joy" - Kolkatta 
This picture shows a street life in a busy by lane of  the city.
These beautiful  B/W pencil sketches by artist Samir Biswas,were gifted to my husband by his colleague.They've been around for some time as I was searching for a place to group them. Finally, I found this corner at the entrance of my bedroom , the perfect long wall to display them.

Now they are  happily grouped against my "apple green" wall.
The vignette on the window ledge in the corridor leading to my bedroom door.

The fabric lamp shade renders a lovely warm soft glow around, just perfect for my bedroom 

 My city's B/W sketches  have got their space finally; whenever I enter my room now, I smile...

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Have lovely weekend folks!
Cheers, Arani. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Summer of 2012.

Nothing else symbolises the  months of summer better than this simple Indian hand fan. I have added that Xtra to it by lining it with a  red saree border.
A small terracotta bucket makes a wonderful planter that I painted in   monochromatic shades to get the earthen hues.Here is my Baisakhi table scape with the Indian Thali and all the gourmet food, and  that is how we welcome the Indian Summer( Baisakhi), the first season of the Indian New year in all  its glory.

 Happy Baisakhi to all.
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sneak Peek

Entry to my abode :
I had to redo my front door to do justice to this tribal  figurine door handle,
that I had  picked up on an impulse from a craft bazaar
 then this interesting fish lock had to follow....
 it's strategically placed eyes unlocks the door with the press of a finger, now that is a bummer for anybody who tries to break in!

The wooden parrot bracket had a shiny brown polish all over, so I just sanded it down for a more distressed look. Now I am happy .
My front door now has a new sleek look with a minimalist Japanese design.The frosted glass panels resemble the Shoji screens. One of the glass panels is removed for sliding in the mails. It also acts as the eye-hole  for my door, well hows that for a change!!  

 Friends, so what are you waiting for? Step in!
Your comments and thoughts are much appreciated. 
Hope you have a lovely week ahead!

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Hugs, Arani

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