Monday, September 9, 2013

The Harbinger of the Indian Festive Fall.

 It is the auspicious day of worship of Lord Ganesha the elephant headed deity. 
He is regarded as the god of beginnings "Lord of the Ganas" which means the "Lord of Hosts". Before we start any work or any rituals Lord Ganesha is worshipped first and with this starts the festive months of autumn in India.

 This particular miniature painting of Ganesha on dried palm leaves and the vignette created with a carved bronze conch shell  symbolises the colours of fall.

Dried palm leaf miniatures: Orissa one of the eastern states of India has a tradition of creating elaborate paintings from Indian mythology on palm leaves. These leaves are dried by a special process. Drawings are made by etching on the leaves using a sharp knife and then rubbing off
 dyes quickly on the newly etched lines.

  Let's all seek the Lord's blessings for a blessed life ahead.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lights,Camera, Action roll ....

Hey it's party time once again , my young boy turns a year older. So what theme we have it here, yeah its a gang of kids who want to have fun , watch movie, have popcorns/ pepsi / burgers & fries. 
So lets get started 
A Block buster Movie Themed bash it is this time!

A big thanks to the Entertainment and Cineplex company called Fame Adlabs for organizing the birthday event, with such expertise. Starting from the Birthday invitation in the form of a movie ticket, to arranging the party favors they did it all. 

  at the entrance of the cine lounge a birthday welcome stand was also placed, I was quite impressed by it.
 To go with the movie theme what more can we ask for than a "Clap Stick" shaped cake obviously and the magic was created by Ddesigner Cakes, you must visit her page she creates absolute magic out of bakes!

   Don't you wanna know which movie the kids watched, it was "Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters(3D)" and  oh boy!  they sure had loads of fun.
                                         Movies +Popcorn = Unlimited Fun 
To top it my boy was so happy to find a Percy Jackson book awaiting him to be unwrapped from the gifts that he received.
So long I had been conducting birthdays at home, but now it was getting a wee bit difficult to do it, moreover my son actually wanted to show that he is growing big.So venturing out was the best solution for it all.The immense pleasure to see that glee on his face was so very endearing that I couldn't ask for more!

Hope this post on birthdays and ideas helped the mom-bloggers to start thinking and one secret it's actually easy on the pocket than a full fledged party with all frills done at home or rent a party hall.

Wishing all a happy week ahead.

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