Friday, April 20, 2012

Sketches in B/W

Sketches in Black & White

 Today I bring to you some memories ... postcards from a city which is very very close to me: the source, the root, the milieu which has inculcated  the creative and cultural elements in me.
Yes , it is about my "City Of Joy" - Kolkatta 
This picture shows a street life in a busy by lane of  the city.
These beautiful  B/W pencil sketches by artist Samir Biswas,were gifted to my husband by his colleague.They've been around for some time as I was searching for a place to group them. Finally, I found this corner at the entrance of my bedroom , the perfect long wall to display them.

Now they are  happily grouped against my "apple green" wall.
The vignette on the window ledge in the corridor leading to my bedroom door.

The fabric lamp shade renders a lovely warm soft glow around, just perfect for my bedroom 

 My city's B/W sketches  have got their space finally; whenever I enter my room now, I smile...

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Have lovely weekend folks!
Cheers, Arani. 


Misti@Living On Cypress Hill said...

I love the pictures on your blog. I like the way you choose to highlight certain elements in color. Very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful sketches! They are perfect in that area on your wall!

notyet100 said...

Luved the decor,..:)

Ivy and Elephants said...

The sketches are so beautiful and they are in the perfect place. Your pictures are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!


Sayantani said...

beautiful house you have and the sketches are just gorgeous!

Patricia Torres said...

oh what a beautiful home.. so so gorgeous.. and I totally love what youve done with those pics.. awesome!! Such a nice and simple idea..

Thank you for linking in last week.. :)

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