Friday, June 28, 2013

Say a little prayer

 Say a little prayer wherever you are for the the devastated
       terrains of Kedarnath Temple, Uttarakhand (India)
 for the flood victims,for the brave soldiers sent for relief 
and rescue and for the good samaritans.
May the Lord be with them. 

                                                         Image : Rare Book Society of India.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cal - a- (marry)- mari in Thai curry.

                      The name of this post is Cal -a- marry (mari) must be   
 wondering why is it so, let me explain I have taken a detour and  
 ended up with a fusion cooking where there is a marriage of
 Thai and  Indian / "Cal" Calcutta, Bengali  cooking methods
 and in the ingredients used. 
       Here it goes: Seafoods in Thai yellow curry  from an Indian     
                                kitchen today . 
Extracting coconut milk is far too messy Maggi coconut milk powder came to my rescue, mixed it with a cup of warm water and coconut milk with the right consistency is ready to be poured into my Thai curry.
Egg plant is another veggie which my kid is not much fond of but when it is whisked up in this curry, he ate it without a fuss! Hmm now I know how to deal with that.
Kaffir limes are not so easily available in the Indian locale market,so I've used the closest  Indian variant of it called the "gondhoraj lebu "(Bengali) and it actually smells heavenly.
So there it is my Indian detour to Thai seafood curry with steamed rice and a dash of  (gondhoraj) lemon juice squeezed over it ... simply divine and ready to be gorged!

Hope this will help my blogger friends to cook up this easy one pot  family meal with seafood, veggies and steamed rice in a jiffy with these easy to get  local ingredients and variants. 
Happy eating tra la la!                                        

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

Some stolen moments between father and son captured,
one of my favourites from the archives.

         Please visit here for some Father's Day tablescape ideas.

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                                                                   Hugs Auro

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Back to school

Picked up the brush after many years, and the mood was just like ... "going back to school" This summer we had gone to the hills of Panchgani,which is famous for its convent boarding schools. Somehow just felt like sketching this school building which had so much of character in its gothic arches,long corridors,stained glasses, colonial remnants ..... nostalgia.   

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Singing in the rain.

 The gathering clouds over Mumbai's skyline,
announcing the arrival of the Indian monsoons.
                   The rain kissed Sea Worli link the newest addition to Mumbai's cityscape. 
                 Clicking this one was getting tricky as the car's   
                windscreen wiper was constantly coming in between .

    the rain smeared window panes,a steaming cup of ginger tea       
    with some hot tempuras (pakoras)with my favourite rain songs    
    playlist switched on in the background, is all that I need and I am      
    transported to another world...

     One of my favourite seasons of the year is here to stay for the next four months and with it bringing in so many feelings,thoughts  and pairings like ....... 
          the first flutter in your heart as you see the dark clouds gathering
          the smell of the first showers and the moist earth,
          the last drop falling from the leaves on you suddenly from nowhere.
          that fading water circles getting engulfed in the puddle 
          school children in transparent rain slickers returning happy from a sudden declared no school day......

 The list is endless I guess, do write in your thoughts to pair in with the rains.......       
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