Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cal - a- (marry)- mari in Thai curry.

                      The name of this post is Cal -a- marry (mari) must be   
 wondering why is it so, let me explain I have taken a detour and  
 ended up with a fusion cooking where there is a marriage of
 Thai and  Indian / "Cal" Calcutta, Bengali  cooking methods
 and in the ingredients used. 
       Here it goes: Seafoods in Thai yellow curry  from an Indian     
                                kitchen today . 
Extracting coconut milk is far too messy Maggi coconut milk powder came to my rescue, mixed it with a cup of warm water and coconut milk with the right consistency is ready to be poured into my Thai curry.
Egg plant is another veggie which my kid is not much fond of but when it is whisked up in this curry, he ate it without a fuss! Hmm now I know how to deal with that.
Kaffir limes are not so easily available in the Indian locale market,so I've used the closest  Indian variant of it called the "gondhoraj lebu "(Bengali) and it actually smells heavenly.
So there it is my Indian detour to Thai seafood curry with steamed rice and a dash of  (gondhoraj) lemon juice squeezed over it ... simply divine and ready to be gorged!

Hope this will help my blogger friends to cook up this easy one pot  family meal with seafood, veggies and steamed rice in a jiffy with these easy to get  local ingredients and variants. 
Happy eating tra la la!                                        

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Poppy said...

Calamari never looked more delish! What a beautiful presentation! Loved the step by step instruction:) Happy week! Hugs,Poppy

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