Thursday, March 28, 2013

Celebrating the Colours of life.

The festival of colours - Holi has various connotations and origin, but the main idea is to celebrate the zest for life with an added new colour in the canvas.

Last evening we had a lovely Holi party celebration with family and friends, here are some photos to share

My Holi tablescape  is done up with jewel tones, colourful and bright kitschy  tablewares and accessories.

 Holi special food has to be sweets(Gujiyaas), sev puris, pakoras( tempuras) and Thandai - Bhaang

Though it was tiring for me to cook and arrange for all,the smiles and good cheer on the guests' faces was all that I needed to keep me going!

Had a great time catching up with old and new friends with good food, music and celebrating the quintessential colours of life.

Wishing all a joyous and colourful life. 

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Breakfast with Mr Salt and Mrs Pepper

It's a bright and cheery spring morning at my neck of the woods, just perfect for a quick sunshine breakfast

with Mr Salt and Mrs Pepper
aren't they cute sitting here at my breakfast nook.
A rushed ham sandwich and eggs washed down with some fresh orange juice.
Hope that jump starts the day for us to get going.

Have a lovely day all 

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Welcome Spring

With the advent of spring and its myriad colours of life, lets welcome it with this madhubani floor art of a conch shell heralding the season ahead.

A DIY project was undertaken to decorate the interiors of the "Puja pandal" for  the celebration of  "Vasant Panchami".
Steps:Two old cardboard boxes were taken and a disc cut out to fix a light bulb onto them. Four wooden frames were fitted onto the four corners.Filled the empty boxes with a sand sack,so it doesn't topple over and covered it with a wood finish chart paper. Measured the cloth required to cover it around.Got it painted in Madhubani art with the "Ink pot and feather pen" and the Veena (musical instrument) symbolising the goddess of knowledge, music and art - Goddess Saraswati. Wrapped the cloth around the wooden frames and stuck it with glue. 
Voila! we have two lovely handcrafted standing lamps to light up the place.  
All ready to be placed in the perfect setting now.
The walls are adorned with a riot of colours in madhubani paintings all drawn in-house by the talented ladies of our Puja committee.

A chandelier centrepiece and some hanging lamps have been made out of handmade papers with cutwork  patterns done and pasted over an old waste laminate frame.

Blessings from the goddess.

Now comes the final outcome of our efforts in decorating the  temporary abode for the goddess.With streaks of "basanti" the sunshine yellow as the main colour. Filling up the dark corners of our life and spreading the light of knowledge around.  

Stay blessed all.

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