Sunday, April 29, 2012

Friday Talkies.

Hello friends, I am really excited to share with you what I had planned for a Friday fun,with my family :
Movie time with wraps & fajitas.  
Must be wondering what this is?
Well, it is an old map series decoupaged paper mache storage box. I'm so happy that now all these gadgets are under one house.
How I used to hate seeing them strewn all over my living space.
Now lets get ready for movie time with ....
Charlie Chaplin
The idea of introducing  my son to the world of  Sir Charles Spencer Charlie Chaplin was long pendingChaplin's silent movies could be understood anywhere in the world because they are just "silent".While talkies strengthened the language barrier,Chaplin's movies remained silent so that the whole world could join in on "the laughter"
    Now for something to munch on:Wraps and fajitas from  Mommy's kitchen,will do ?

Hope, everyone is having a wonderful weekend.I surely had some good quality time spent with my family and is all energized  for the forthcoming week ahead.

Thanks to all of you lovely ladies for hosting the parties.
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Hugs, Arani


Reshma at said...

Hello! Thank you for stopping by my blog...

Hope you have a fantastic Friday with movies and fajitas!

Poppy said...

Love your map storage box for holding the remote controls:) What a nice way to spend time on a Friday night... I bet it was a lot of fun!Thanks for sharing and for your sweet note on my handmade jewelry. Happy Sunday!~Poppy

Patricia Torres said...

Oh.. the map decoupage is lovely! truly lovely!! What a lovely friday.. you've had.. Thanks for linking in to Made with love!!

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