Saturday, November 2, 2013

Let there be light : Happy Diwaali

Hello everybody
 finally this is the time of the year  when you look around your house and see how you transformed it into your haven, your space. Old things are given away and we welcome in the new, people renovate and redecorate their houses,shops and offices. Houses are freshly painted, renovated, home linens and furnishings are given a fresh look, people  illuminate their houses with lights and decorate entrance with rangoli(floor art) designs to welcome  Laxmi, the goddess of wealth and riches.
Yes.... its Diwaali.(the sacred  and holy festival of Hindu religion)  once again.
Like everyone else, I am also busy with all the cleaning , planning , inviting friends and relatives which of course requires all my energy to be drained off.

In between have managed to click photos of the vignettes created and my mind is full of Diwaali inspirations right now.So thought of sharing in some old (previous years Diwaali vignettes)and some new pictures herein. 
               Since Diwaali is celebrated on amavasya (dark night) of Kartik maas (October-November)  according to the Indian calender, I thought of creating a vignette around  this  stone carved Karthika's statue picked up many years ago from Mahabalipuram( Chennai).

Pulled out a brocade sari border and used it as a runner.
Added in some splashes of colour here and there to brighten up the festive mood.
 Diwaali symbolizes the worship of Goddess Lakshmi and lord Ganesha. In eastern India goddess Kali is also worshipped at this time. 
This wicker framed mirror with a dry flower garland was fixed by me long time ago, used to be at my foyer corridor in my previous house. Thought of pulling it out from my store cupboards and using it as a tray to place the silver Laxmi goddess and Ganesha and use it as my puja thali. 
This festival symbolises the victory of good over evil, light and positivity over darkness and negativities of life. Here's wishing you and your family a very happy and prosperous Diwaali. 

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ಸೌP said...

Hi, nice to see this blog. I really liked the arrangements and mainly Idol and that metal spoon. Beautiful pieces.

Auro @ Add that Xtra in the Ordinary said...

Thanks for dropping by and leaving behind your comments, much appreciated.

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