Monday, July 1, 2013

Monsoon Wedding

India as a wedding destination has greatly grown in recent years. A trend is catching up to get married in the exotic Indian locations. Couples are saying "I do" in the "Desi" way,with the "Band, Baja and Baraat" The most popular locations for destination weddings in India are the heritage palace hotels of Rajasthan,beaches of Goa and Kerala.
Indian weddings are known for their glitz and regalia, it is a celebration amidst traditions and customs, colours, jewelleries, silk, elaborate embroideries, flowers, mehndi and mithais(sweets) and many days of celebrations. 

The weddings are mostly solemnized under a " mandap"-  a four pole canopy decorated with flowers and drapes.Vibrant and colourful flowers like the marigold, rose and jasmines are widely used.The air smells of the fragrant flowers, perfumes, itr, gulab jaal, henna and everything turns magical with the sounds of the " shehnai" playing in the background.

    and how can we forget the wedding feasts, an elaborate culinary affair cooked and served in Indian brass wares or copper utensils like the Handi, Kadhai and Tawa. Infact the dishes prepared are named after the utensils wherein they are cooked like KarahiChicken, Paneer Tawa masala and Dum Biryani Handiwala !  

    Talking about Indian weddings,how can we forget the" nine yard story " of the sarees of India comprising a wide range from the Kanjeevaram silks, Benarasi brocades to Zardozi embroideries and many more. Now here comes the bride and the groom in true Bolllywood style, dressed up in their fineries.Which are essentially a bridal lehenga or saree, and the groom in a Sherwani or silk Dhoti / Kurta.  
          Along with their friends and relatives the couple performs dances and rehearsed group performances on the famous wedding specific Bollywood tracks. Followed by an exchange of speeches from the parents, friends, relatives and well wishers who bless the couple.  
               Indian weddings have come a long way from the days when brides were brought in palanquins to the present where they come in the latest luxury cars.One can study its changing facets from the traditional to the contemporary and the result is an  eclectic admixture of  an artistic edifice.

 Hope you enjoyed this tour of the Monsoon wedding with me.

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Antara said...

As usual, amazing pictures Arani!

Tanya Anurag said...

I love everything about Indian weddings expect the unwanted nuisance created by some guests... anyway! Focusing on the goods of Indian weddings, the bright and colorful rituals are what attract people from around the globe.

Beautiful pictures. Are these sellf clicked?

Poppy said...

So beautiful and vibrant! I love Indian weddings...they always look so festive and colorful and so much fun:) Thanks for sharing these amazingly beautiful pictures! Hugs,Poppy

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