Friday, September 7, 2012

Growing up with Tintin

My little boy turns all 8 and what theme for birthday party do you choose for a grown up boy? The idea comes from the birthday boy himself .... "I want to be Tintin mamma". So be it, lets party in the Tintin way alright!

 There goes the party invites,rolled up like the graduation certificates and tied in with a ribbon and the guest's name tags.Open it up quickly will ya?

Don't miss the walking stick candies of Mr Thomson & Thompson..... and for some facts from Herge(author of Tintin) they were not identical twins check their surnames folks!

There goes the Tintin themed birthday scape with the party favours and prizes for the conducted games like the treasure hunt(got some chocolate gold coins for the prize), sit and solve the puzzles as  the detectives do.
Placed the Tintin book on the stand as a prop for the theme.Chose newspaper print canvas bags to match the detective theme as party favours, and added a water bottle and pouch bag with customized Tintin stickers and bookmarks to go with it. 
and of course Tintin and all the characters gives a big shout out for a very Happy Birthday  in the cake itself !!
 The yummy treats follow,with Cono Pizza, Nachos with salsa dip, noodles,soft drinks & ice creams and the kids just loved them all
Tintin's movie gets screened while the kiddies munch on 
whew!one way to make them sit and eat, must say.   
and finally "Alls well that ends well" to quote from the series.
               Do not miss the personalized thank you note bookmarks from the birthday boy.
               A small pat on my shoulders is badly needed to keep this going guys, arranging a birthday party in house for some twenty five kids was definitely not an easy task ,but the smiles and appreciations and some moments of joy with a "Thank you mamma" heard somewhere was priceless!

Hugs from a proud mom here...

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Patricia Torres said...

Oh my gosh.. Well done!! Well done!! Everything looks simply gorgeous... and stunning!! wow! thats a lot of hard work...

Loved the extra special touches... to this party.. Best your little one had a ball...

Tell.. me... what did you use to edit your photos... They look beautiful..

I also like that four tier serving thing you have there... Where is that from?

Totally in love with how you've arranged everything.. really!! well done!!

Jann Olson said...

This is so cute! I can see why all 25 of them loved it. Well done mama and happy belated to the 8 year old! Thanks so much for sharing it with Share Your Cup. I am now following you.

Patricia Torres said...

Hope to see you join the giveaway on colours dekor this week too …

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