Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Colours of India.

Todays post is a tribute to my motherland so heres wishing a very Happy Independence day (15th August) and how else, but celebrating it with the colours of India. I am so happy to share with you some treasured clicks of all things Indian.  
This composition  above is showing the tri colours ( Saffron,green and white) of the national flag of India, made by placing some orange glass bangles against my green dupatta /scarve.

Lotus is the national flower of India.This picture I had clicked enroute to a weekend getaway when I came across this small lotus pond where some young boys were playing away in blissful oblivion, a very symbolic picture for this day must say.....  
Isn't that a riot of colours, a cart full of berries,tamarind,star fruits the very Indian flavours hot and tangy .... tccccccch! Below is a bowl full of Indian ice cream medley fondly known as "Kulfi"  mixed with rose syrup and rabdi (sweetened milk) ...... go on have a feast.

Pin wheels in rainbow hues stacked together, what a burst of colours! 
The land of the Buddha the birthplace of spiritualism and meditation, the search for the inner peace  all started here....  
The lamp above is made out of glass bangles so brilliant and colourful,exclusively"Made in India"
and some bright and kitschy kites to fly your dreams.
They are the musicians doing a folk dance performance.The turbans, the colourful costumes tells a magical folklore story.
This is a painting on the Veena ( a stringed musical instrument) of the Goddess Saraswati the god of music and knowledge.

Hope you enjoyed this tour of India amidst all its colour and splendor, to that note I salute my country
 "Jai Hind"


notyet100 said...

Beautiful Clicks,luved all of them,,

Ivy and Elephants said...

Simply gorgeous pictures. There is nothing like the colours of India. Fabulous!!!

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