Friday, December 20, 2013

Last Christmas

As the year comes to an end, it gets all the more busier.This is the time when schools arrange their annual concerts, sports day,winter picnics( in this part of the sub continent) and the Christmas carnivals.Time to have fun and taste lots of goodies. I have so many things to share with you all but hardly getting the time to do a post. So thought of sharing my Christmas vignettes and decor from last year before I  get busy with all my to do's to get them ticked off before the year ends!

 This lovely cherub was picked from the night market in Phuket. It was lying in a corner, amongst  the many other Asian treasures! I pulled it out this time, as I have decided to display the artefacts around my house according to the seasons and festivities.One needs an occasion to celebrate each small things in life after all! 
There goes my pine cones, hand picked by me  during our honeymoons in the hills! Boy that was many years ago and that reminds me our marriage anniversary is just around the corner next month,next year !
Who said one needs a full grown Christmas tree, if you don't have enough space to flaunt ... decorate a branch in a crystal vase I say! 

As a child I used to love these jujubes and I remember my granny used to love them too, they reminds me of her .... she was the baker's wife as my grandpa used to run a famous bakery.So Christmas was the time of the year when we used to visit the bakeries and earn shiny coins, if we could wrap the chocolates and candies and help with the packaging. It was so much fun amongst cousins and family of who earns the most. I still have a newspaper cutting of me with my cousins staring at the cakes made for the advertisement pages! 
Ah,there goes my Holiday corner all bling and happy!
Tables getting ready with the holiday colours Red/ White/ Green, the little bit of bling ,the stars, the wine, the cakes,the turkey roast and more.... 

                Sparkling wines and scrumptious food to enjoy with family and friends.
This was a nice window corner of a restaurant where we had gone to for a Christmas brunch, I could not stop myself from clicking this one. 
 Check out these angry birds cupcakes sitting pretty wearing the Santa's cap .
                    Some Christmas party favours .... Santa pens aren't they cute?
 Can't stop smiling looking at my cosy holiday corner, set in the right mood and the right setting.
         Yes of course I had another small tree tucked up in this corner thought of spreading around its branches, warmth and wishes in the corners of my house for a change!  
                                                Wishing all a very merry Christmas
                                                                  Hugs Auro
Partying @ Ivy and Elephants
                 Have a daily cup of Mrs. Olson

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Maria Brittis said...

love your blog, its so cute have a great holiday

its very european!

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