Friday, April 26, 2013

Sprigs of flame

 Few sprigs of a roadside Flame tree ( Gulmohor;Indian name) were lying on the ground,they looked so lovely I could not stop myself from picking them up.Came back home very excited quickly pulled out my old wicker basket/bag picked up from my mum's house some time ago,filled up a mug with water and placed those sprigs in them and now in the wicker bag they all go!
GASP! my bedroom corner is now in FLAMES ! 
I cry out  but with a smile you see. 

Wishing all a very happy and fun filled weekend ahead and I am off for my summer holidays in the hills,will be back with some lovely post cards from there ..... tra la laa la.
Till then all you lovely people do enjoy this timeless oldies below. 

Cliff Richard's  Summer Holiday
We're all going on a summer holiday 
No more working for a week or two 
Fun and laughter on our summer holiday 
No more worries for me or you 
For a week or two 
We're going where the sun shines brightly 
We're going where the sea is blue 
We've all seen it on the movies 
Now let's see if it's true 
Everybody has a summer holiday 
Doing things wanted to 
So we're going on a summer holiday 
To make our dreams come true 
For me and you 
For me and you 
" So we're going on a summer holiday 
To make our dreams come true ......"

Watch the video here 

Hugs Auro.
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Nayana CherishDreamLive said...

Beautiful arrangement...this is what I m doing now a days..bringing spring bloom inside..

Antara said...

You won't believe as I went shopping today,i saw these beautiful Gulmohur trees all around and wanted to bring them home.But all of them were too high.Sigh!Lovely arrangement though.

Meg said...

Beautiful pics!

Tanya Anurag said...

Ditto Antara's comment above! They are far beyond my reach.
Awesome arrangement. Like the use of jute basket/bag instead of conventional vases.


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